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Welcome to Women in Recovery.

We offer a range of workshops, events and seminars aimed at helping women to maintain their abstinence from addiction (to drugs, alcohol or other harmful substances and behaviours).

We do not offer treatment or any form of therapy.

Every Wednesday evening we are open at 1 Beulah Road, Walthamstow E17 9LG. Each week we offer a different activity - workshops, groups, creative workshops, activities such as belly dancing, yoga, tai chi and meditation evenings.

The full programme will be available on this website shortly.

Workshops cover such topics as: self esteem and confidence, body image, emotional intelligence and managing stress. A whole series of lifeskills workshops will be on offer. Our seminars, which will run at least four times a year, aim to motivate and support women in recovery, and encourage them to find greater joy in living free from addiction. We also run social events throughout the year, both indoor and outdoor.

Publications and workbooks to help you in your recovery journey will be available shortly.

Our unique gift shop offers a range of items, many of which are made by women who are in recovery from addiction, with proceeds being donated to the charity in order to further our work.

Women in Recovery is a project of Recovery Resources Foundation a unique charity and social enterprise initiative, helping people to maintain abstinence and prevent relapse.




Meditation evenings take place on the last Monday of each month in Leyton, E10. For more details, contact Christina.


Chris and Luan.


Buy books on addiction through our on-line bookshop. We bring you the best and the latest addiction books. Half of the profit on every book sold through this site goes to Recovery Resources Foundation.